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01 listen

listen, listen, listen, listen, listen, this is no typo - core to starting our partnerships is listening.

It’s crucial to gain an empathetic understanding of your situation from your perspective and the prospective audience you aim to target.

This is an information-gathering stage where we mostly listen.

Taking Notes

02 define

Define and understand your needs in-depth. Is it the culture of your organisation or what you can bring to an organisation that will define your strategic direction or is it something

else? We make sure the problem is defined in the context of your needs and goals.

Record Store

03 search

Armed with the knowledge you have given us and together we have defined the need. Our team go crazy researching, deep-dive, testing, analysing, reviewing the candidate

possibilities or the client opportunities out there that will close the gap and deliver your specific need.

Outdoors Meeting

04 present

People create a culture within organisations, profiles is what they will deliver! Our magic is finding the synergy between the two and then present for your feedback. We iterate and come back to you with more possibilities for you to then make your decision.

Love Locker

05 love

We won't love you and leave you. We have come this far and we will continue to keep that relationship going with you. We will check in on the status of how your new role is working out or how the new candidate is going in your business as often as you like. It's our responsibility to make sure you are satisfied and we will ensure that has been delivered. 

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