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Client partner

How often have you worked with a recruitment agency who offer to deliver you the world and you get nothing? This is just a waste of your time, the company's money and puts more pressure on you to deliver the results by either doing your own recruiting or waste your time looking for another recruiter or consultancy firm to help you. Your time is money and we get that.

In the agile environment that your business is in when you need a project completed on time and within budget. CTC will partner with you to source personnel to fulfil your niche, specialised short and long-term projects. We are a NO Bulls#!t business, we will not promise you the world and deliver you nothing or best of all GHOST you. We have been on the receiving end of these types of firms and that is why it's in our mandate to make a difference. We are here to partner with you, present to you candidates the skillset that you have requested and see it through to the end and beyond.

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